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Engl. Story - The Bibs
« am: Oktober 01, 2015, 09:27:33 Nachmittag »
Acton, that was his name, sighed as he curled his toes in the dirt. The air
was hot, dry and seemed to close around him.

His grandparents were at church, something they did every Sunday. Acton used
to go with them, but as he grew older, he slept in. At first they objected but
each Summer he returned, they gave in.

In the Fall, he was in school several states away which is where he was when
his parents died. Their will stated and provided for him to stay in the
private school.

But each holiday and Summer, Acton returned to the little southern town where
his grandparents lived and there he remained.

He liked it there. The private school with all it's pressures, social
structures, formality and regimen were quickly forgotten as he stripped down
and put on his favorite clothing, his bib overalls.

Across the walls in his grandmothers sewing room, their bedroom and in the
living room were photos of him with his parents and by himself. And in almost
everyone of the photos, Acton wore blue denim bib overalls. Of course there
were photos of him in his school blazer, grey slacks, white shirt and tie..but
those photographs were few.

"You're gonna burn up" his grandfather would say every summer when Acton
reappeared from his bedroom wearing only his bibs. His white shoulders and
upper torso bait for the burning sun. But as days passed, his skin reddened
and then tanned until he was the healthy looking farmboy whose image appeared
in many of the photographs.

His parents died when he was only nine years old. Since he rarely saw them,
Acton seemed stunned rather then saddened by their deaths. The car wreck that
had taken them, was like any news event Acton saw on television....dramatic,
traumatic and surprising..but yet another event he had no control of. All he
could do was live on.

Oh he cried...maybe more out of fright and panic for himself then lost love
for his parents. That was the result of their absence throughout his
life...and his existence in private schools, summer camps and extended
holidays at the home of his grandparents.

Acton found at an early age, if he did hard physical labor, he forgot the
idiots at school, his own lonliness and the ghost images of his parents. So,
even at the tender age of nine or ten, he worked on his grandfather's farm.

He pitched hay, shoveled horse manure, chopped wood and mowed the very large
lawn..with a manual mower. And he didn't complain.

By the time he was sixteen, the exercise turned him into a healthy,
broadshouldered and somewhat defined young man. More then one girl whistled as
he walked by..and more then one set of eyes from both male and female
onlookers rested on him.

When Acton did go to town, he wore his bib overalls..and reluntantly wore a
shirt...unless he could talk his grandparents out of it.

It was those times that he noticed the looks, smiles and winks he got.

When he began to drive into town by himself, Acton found he got more then
looks. People talked to him..complete if they knew him.

"It's a friendly town, just be friendly back" his grandfather advised him.

So Acton learned the social skills of talking to strangers in a small town...

But meeting and talking to strangers weren't always confined to words. Hands
rested on his bare shoulders, knees, arms and even his chest.

"My what a nice body you have" a girl would say letting her painted
fingernails slide across his smooth skin...and Acton would shiver.

"Nice pecs kid" the feed store clerk said letting his big hands envelope
Acton's chest under his biboverall straps. Acton's cock reacted immediately to
that sensation.

He wondered why his erection happened..and why it happened more when a man or
boy touched him then the girls. Around him, he saw other boys flirting with
girls. He liked girls, but as he did his grandmother.

As he grew and discovered the joys of masturbation, Acton thought about the
men and boys in town..and even some of the boys back at school. Visions of
their faces, bodies or memories of their words, actions added to the
excitement he felt whenever he rubbed himself.

That was one of the reasons Acton liked to stay home from church on Sunday. He
could lay naked on his bed with the window opened..and slowly explore himself,
the sensations his body seemed to offer and the often near violent times he
masturbated. His grandparents weren't there to interfere, interupt or hear

Acton would get so excited that by the time his body exploded, he was sweaty,
often on the floor or moving around his room, the hallway or other rooms.

The freedom of fumbling under his bib overalls....letting the straps fall so
the bib lay down...or letting the entire garment fall down his smooth legs as
he pumped satisfied some need deep within him.

"You always were those?" the question came from Mr. Wallace, the feed store
clerk who had cupped his pecs during last summer. This time the mans hands
were on his bare sides.

"Yep...lots of freedom" Acton explained. But he didn't need to. Wallace's
hands had slid down the boys sides to his hips.

"I underwear either" the man muttered in reply.

"Naw....wish I could...."

"Stay bareass huh?" Wallace picked up on Acton's self-revealing thoughts he
spoke out loud.

Acton realized he was being seduced but didn't move away.

"A boy like you needs a man to explore all those feelings you have" the mans
hands were on Acton's bare stomach and the small of his back. They were
moving, petting and sliding downward.

Acton's cock was rock hard.

"Yes sir" he said.

Mr. Wallace was a young guy...not old enough to be Acton's father let alone
grandfather. But his thick muscled arms and the black curly hair on his
forearms made him seem older.

"You ok?"

Acton only nodded as he sucked in air feeling Wallace's hands on his bare
buttocks and in his pubic hair. His erection too felt the finer tips of the

"We should get together..."

"Sunday" Acton said not thinking about what he was saying.

He waited with his stomach jumping. The sound of Wallace's truck told him the
man had been serious.

"OK boy, I thought you wouldn't be here" Wallace stood in the doorway to his
bedroom. The man wore jeans low on his hips. The top button was undone so the
furry lower belly the man had was visable. His bare chest displayed his black
curly hair, mansized chest and shoulders.

Wallace used his feet to force each boot off. Acton stood there not knowing
what to do next.

"Just relax son" Wallace said as he unbuttoned the boys' bib overall side
buttons then his fly. The mans hands moved inside the denim and cupped the
boys balls and grasped his cock.

Acton much, so sudden and so deep, his lungs hurt.

"This is going to be fun....and from now on, every Sunday I'll be here"

They kissed......Acton felt the bib straps being removed from him. His
overalls would fall to the floor as soon as they parted. But they didn't for
a while.

Wallance slid his big hands all over the boys shoulders and backside.

"First time?"

Acton nodded slightly, not knowing if he should confess or what he was
confessing too. At least he didn't know at first.

But as the morning progressed, as nearby churches filled with the sounds of
parishners singing, he learned.

Acton learned about the taste of a man's cock...the feeling of a man's lips on
his, the painful pleasures of his nipples beign pinched and twisted, the
fulfilling sound of a man's gasp as he licked nipples..and the wonderful sight
of a muscular hairy man kneeling while holding his ankles and filling his
rectum with more painful pelasure..and senstaions that changed his life.

Acton returned Summer after Summer. He worked hard, grew more and every Sunday
shared his body with Wallace and sometimes others Wallace brought with him.

Every Fall, Acton returned to the school where he wore the blue blazers that
identified the systemized, controlled and programmed student body.

Then he stood with the others wearing a black gown...a funny had with a tassle
and listened to some politician tell him about life.

His grandparents had journeyed to the campus. So had Wallace and two of his
friends who had spent Sunday mornings with Acton and Wallace.

"OK boy what do you say now? What's next for you?"

"I'm wearing them under this robe" Acton said to Wallace.

Wallace's hand moved under the back of the robe and felt the firm buttocks he
had learned to know for the past few yeras. The smooth muscled bare back and
round shoulders..the denim straps and extened nipples underneath..the bare hip
bone and the flat smooth and shaven stomach...they were all there as Wallace
felt withouth notice from others.

Acton had worn only his bib overalls under his graduation gown. And from now
on, he planned to wear only them....back on the farm...and every Sunday
mornging wear less.

In the distanct future, Acton expanded his habits to other days and nights
after his grandpartents died. They gave him their farm..and he worked it
hard...his bib overalls a predictable sight to passersby.

His healthy naked tanned body available to those who knew him..about him and
he about them.

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Re: Engl. Story - The Bibs
« Antwort #1 am: Oktober 02, 2015, 06:45:24 Vormittag »
Schade, das es in Englisch ist


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Re: Engl. Story - The Bibs
« Antwort #2 am: Oktober 06, 2015, 09:19:21 Nachmittag »
In Deutsch wear the Story dermaßen better...
Möge für immer ein Latzgirl mit mir sein !


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Re: Engl. Story - The Bibs
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It is a very talked about issue with the above information.